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Abuse yourself. Die young. Fight the fight you never will have won if you fucking tried. Happiness subsides. Sand in your mouth spitting up bones. This is all so avant garde. Key artsy shit into your poetry. You’ll feel like everyone else and you belong being.

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Defeater, I Don’t Mind [x]


Defeater, I Don’t Mind [x]

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living in a small town is wonderful

  • are there a lot of modes of transportation? nope! you either drive or you’re out of luck basically
  • are there a lot of job opportunities? no! of course not
  • are there things to do? hang out at the grocery store or go to the only movie theater the town has!
  • are the people nice? of course not! not at all!
  • are you close to anything interesting? nope! everything interesting happens hours away and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere

Amen. Fucking over it.

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I love you so much it hurts…though I don’t always know how to show it. I wish you would call me. write me back but maybe you already did and the message was blank. you have nothing to say to a guy like me. I can’t get much of anything right. soaking the bad pillows that smell like you.

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Fuck absence. I’m fond enough.

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Take my love and run with it.

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one of the most beautiful girls.



one of the most beautiful girls.

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