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04.23.14 828

I hope it burns the pit of your stomach to read this. yes, this is angst. and I’m happy for you.

04.23.14 1

waking up under the machine. the lights peel back your skin. dark is cold on your bones when you’re alone and won’t be stoned off of whatever for a while now. rolling through the seconds like a train with no coal.

04.20.14 0
04.17.14 23920

my lack of sanity will bring death, gently, to me and I’m counting the fucking days.

04.17.14 0
04.14.14 2162
04.14.14 11227
04.14.14 5

Years of going dark. Muses of black. hating life. Why the long face? In weary strife of yesterday’s ordeal.

04.13.14 0
04.09.14 2926